Local fabbed case for the Milkymist One (Full log)

~/blog/log30_.html I bought a Milkymist One Early Adopter Kit byt End of decemenber of 2010, I got the board in early January,
but of course no case was avaliable for that time...

A case is very important, dust is always there, and also you want to show Milkydrop effects to your friends
from time to time :-). Actually why not make a PARTY !!

So as the mm1 case source code is avaliable [1] i decided to fab it here, why not?.
I was told for a friend who own a RepRap machine about a company called Dataprint [2], he got from then
some cutted sheets for his reprap at good prices, so i decide to give a try.

I call then by phone initially asking about data formats. so i knew it it could be a trouble,
of course they told me about propietary cad software, but as some of us already may know qcad is an alternative
to some of then and its format seems to be copatible, so i sent the .dxf file plus a picture of a mm1 already made
case. I also told then about it must be acrylic of 3mm.

Next day i got the quote, materials and cutting work, all for ~10usd (21700 COP)  plus 5usd of shipping to
home. So i wow this is really cheap !!. I actually doubt it if they really knew it the real size of the sheets.

So a week later i did the money transfer to get the work started, just before that they gave me to choose,
some colors:

(green) Verde Neón
(Smoke) Humo
(Red) Rojo
(Blue) Azul
(Orange) Naranja
(Transparent) Transparente frost

I choosed Smoke, as i wanted something neutral.

Today i got the package from then, two days after payment.

I fully asembled the whole case without the board so i knew it fits okay.

So i started to assemble the case with board ,at the first try i dint noticed the top and botton sheets needed same orientation.

Also you need fit the sides at once by moving it backward and forward so it fits smothly.

The missing parts now are mainly the buttons, i also noticed spacers that came with the mm1 board are not "compatible" with
the proper height to make side connectors to fit well when you are decide to put screws or buttons.

At the end i got a working case, my board is protected now and i can carry it easy.

I may print the buttons my self or try find some from a old remote control or console gamepad.

Oh, sure there are pics here http://kristianpaul.org/gallery/mm1%20case/index.html

[1] http://projects.qi-hardware.com/index.php/p/m1/source/tree/master/cad
[2] http://dataprint.webs.com/