GPS-SDR on the Milkymist (Update 2)

~/blog/Untitled.html Has been a while since the last update in January, starting because for now
this implementation will no run in the nanonote :-) Not because it cant be do it,
just because i get more close to Milkymist platform so i feel more confident with it
(libre knowledge is my power) :-)

After read/skim some books/links [1][2] about GNSS/GPS and check Namuru proyect (thanks to Fabrizio)
i decided to port this namuru core to milkymist soc [3], this in beta stage and the current
effort  is around making and tunning the correlators to get a proper signal acquisition and tracking [4],
this is a software asisted task that will be acomplished by osgps, and thanks to Artyom from gnss-sdr [5] wich
ported this project to a simplified version [6], getting started will not be hard.

Still more code in osgps that could be ported to get a fix, but for now having and stable method to get
navigation data from the GPS satellites is the priority.

Thanks for reading !
And all qi-hardware/milkymist comunity for supporting me :-)