Getting started to like systemd

I've been ignoring systemd for a while until I watched this awesome talk from LISA18/USENIX [1] conference, then started looking at it again, mostly because I saw how it wraps linux cgroups  so well, someting that previously used from lxc and second because I saw a chance to be able to run another OS environment without using docker (keep it simple!).

So, I decided to start reading systemd manpages, more specifically systemd-run  and  systemd-exec[2], then spotted an interesting parameter I already saw on the talk [2] , I decided to try that my self on the cli!

Sadly I dint got the latest systemd tools version on my distro so I had to use ubuntu 18.10 from a free tier cloud service [3], clone systemd repo [4], install its dependecies [a], run a build script [b], bootstrap [c] a debian jessie userland and then with one simple but neat command [d], got a friendly bash environment running in seconds :D, going further with the mange I ended using systemd-nspawn to the a complete chroot like isolated "machine". [e]

    # [a]
    sudo apt-get build-dep systemd lib-systemd
    # [b]
    git clone && cd systemd && ./
    # [c]
    mkdir debian && sudo debootstrap unstable ./debian
    # [d]
    sudo ./systemd/build/systemd-run --working-directory=/home/kristian_paul/debian -t bash

    # [e]
    sudo systemd-nspawn -D debian
    Spawning container debian on /home/kristian_paul/debian.
    Press ^] three times within 1s to kill container.
    root@debian:~# cat /etc/debian_version
    I'll  keep looking at systemd docs and write some more about it later and also why not another technoliges i've found really usefull during the last years.

Thanks for reading